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Services for the contract

With Walcher- Mobili di classe (class furniture)

The experience in the design of furnishing solutions for interiors and exteriors and in the management of the entire logistics, with regard to national and international consignments, the assembly service included, have led us to also open up in the contractor sector. In us you find a reliable partner for your furnishing plans for commercial headquarters, prestigious offices, residences, hotels, and resorts. Please contact us, your Walcher referent will be at your disposal.

Planning support

We support your designers thanks to our experience developed over the years, by working with the main furnishing manufacturers. We are at your disposal for a technical comparison about particular choices, a collaboration in the planning of specific aspects, the assessment of the solutions and the pieces chosen, a talk about the combination of materials and finishes, the choice of the samples, the drawing performance from the preliminary drawings up to the working-or rendering ones. With reference to complex supplies, eventually, we can also count on the preferential contribution that the technicians of our suppliers have granted us.


Thanks to its over 1.500 products, as well as paper walls, decorative elements, and tissues, Walcher is a real mine of sources with regard to furnishing projects based on the exclusive quality and on the best brands of Italian and international design, with regard to the assortment of kitchens, upholstered furniture, bedrooms, bathroom furnishing, wardrobes, furnishings, outdoor-and office furniture. We also provide our showroom, covering about 8.000 m2, systematically renewed, and made up of about 1.000 items, already to be delivered.


The contract projects include furnishing solutions with strong personality and are often marked by high customization levels. At Walcher’s we offer a wide range of choice as to colours, tissues, and materials in order to modify the custom-made selected products, so that the distinctive style relating to your self-realization can be closely followed. We offer a wide sample of tissues, leathers, wood essences, marbles, and digital devices in order to verify the performance, in real time, of the requested customizations. We coordinate and check the specialized work of some carpentries and of our trusted tapestry workshop to carry out their realization.

Deliveries everywhere

We deliver all over the world. Indeed, we have built a network of relationships and a store of experiences in order to give professional support thanks to our qualified internal staff. At Walcher’s there are persons who devote themselves to logistics, international deliveries included. Among their tasks, they have to choose the most convenient means of transport each time, they have to carry out the documentation pursuant to the current regulations of the different countries and they also have to interface with customs and plan the loads of consignments so that the agreed deadlines are met.

As the management of a contract forwarding has to be arranged into detail and as it is made up of countless details, we suggest that you contact us  so that we can satisfy your specific requirements.

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