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Walcher experience

For architects and interior designers

Thanks to the years dedicated to our passion for furnishings, to the projects and the advantageous collaborations with many professionals, we have succeeded in developing services purposely dedicated to architects and interior designers. As we are aware that in this case the project does not belong to us, we put our skills at your disposal in order to provide you with the services which are each time requested.

Coworking space

Should you work within a commercial structure in the furnishing sector, in a challenging environment in an 8.000 m2 showroom, complete with both all the novelties, in real time, about the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands, and the qualified support of the Walcher designers, please ask for a space in our coworking. At the first floor of the showroom, you can find some spaces, already furnished, and complete with Wi-Fi, which could become your new office or a base in Udine, where you can work and welcome your clients.


At Walcher’s we have always regarded the assortment as important, a real qualifying element for the sector operators. For this reason, we propose a selection among more than 1.500 items of the most qualified Italian and foreign brands. About 1.000 of them are ready to be delivered as they are inside our showroom, that we systematically renew, and which is always complete with the novelties, which are sent to us by the manufacturers, often in regional preview.


We offer the opportunity of customizing our items available in different colour nuances,  materials, finishes and optional items. In fact, a sample collection complete with tissues, leathers, types of wood, marbles,… is available. By means of digital devices, it is also possible to see the effects of the requested customizations in real time in order to simplify the choices. This can be performed by manufacturers, or in the event that these customizations are not part of their proposals, by some selected carpentries and a tapestry workshop, with whom we have been cooperating for years, taking advantage of the attention and know-how, originating from our history of upholstered furniture producers.

Per architetti e Interior - Walcher

Showroom visits

The architects and interior designers know that they have the possibility of using our showroom, of about 8.000 m², as the basis for showing their clients unique décor pieces, for exploring their tastes as well, and for finding features of interest. For the professionals, our exhibition space can be also considered as a place to visit with regard to technical training and updating about the latest novelties, which are often presented in exclusive regional report. The showroom doors are always open.

Walcher visite in showroom
Walcher - interior design per clienti privati

Planning support

We support you in drawing up your plans according to the way preferred: a technical comparison about specific topics, the consultation of our physical and virtual material library or of manuals and catalogues of the different brands, possible metric surveys, the choice of the samples, the drawing performance up to the working drawings or rendering drawings.


We offer you a reliable and quick estimate service in order to assess full furnishing solutions or single elements, that you insert in your plans. The quotations are carried out in detail to give you the opportunity of illustrating them to your clients easily. They also take into account the possible novelties of the sector, thanks to our long-lasting partnerships with the brands of the national and international design.


We have developed an efficient logistics service to ensure faultless deliveries all over the world. We always use the manufacturers’ packaging, which has been studied to ensure the content integrity. The assembly is carried out by our qualified, professional staff, with previous experience at carpentries.

International forwarding

As we ensure the furnishing supply all over the world, we are equipped to effect international consignments. Each time we are at your disposal to recommend the most convenient transport means, we carry out the documentation pursuant to the current regulations of the different countries, we interface with customs and we plan the loads of consignments so that the agreed deadlines are met.

Walcher Tricesimo - consegne e post vendita


Walcher’s classic post-sale service is ensured to your clients too with regard to the furnishings  we commercialize. Obviously, the activities related to the warranties, to their documentation and to the product certifications, are part of such procedures.

Should some services not be listed or if there should be particular requirements, we invite you either to contact us or to call in at our showroom: we will certainly find out a way to collaborate.

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